What I stand for

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Barrhaven ward city council candidate Franklin Epape's priorities

I have five main priorities

1. Tax

We propose a freeze on property tax, water and wastewater fees, the city has to find an alternative way to finance.

2. Infrastructures

Maintain the roads we already have and alleviate traffic on our highways. Ensure affordable public transportation and more buses in our ward during various time of the day.

3. Security

The number of shootings has significantly increased within our city lately. I would like to connect the police department and the community to make our streets and neighbourhoods safe so the people of Barrhaven Ward 3 can go about their daily business with peace of mind.

4. Families

Support affordable day care, promote multiculturalism and bilingualism, protect our golf club, protect new home buyers with better home inspections, reduce summer camp fees, regulate condo fee increases, focus on senior well being.

5. Jobs

We need to diversify our economy, attrack new companies, and create new jobs.

Environmental priorities :

I'm concerned about issues such as clean water, pollution and waste.

We need Healthy Watersheds, Complete Streets for cycling, Pedestrians and Public Transit .
I'm here to protect residences, and the well being of people of my Ward.

Some propostions to bring on the table after communicating with people of our ward.

  1. Commercial buildings have roof top greener such as bush's small trees, etc.

  2. Free trees to plant to residents of the city about 5 inches big. California just implemented all new homes to have solar cells on the roofs, this is another step. Ottawa can do the same.

  3. Have council eliminate plastic bags. We need to understand that we have to start today and the sooner we start the better it will be for our city and the generations to come.




October 22, 2018 - Barrhaven ward 3
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a better community life

Population: 59,914 | Households: 21,995