Statement from the Barrhaven ward - city council candidate Mr Franklin Epapè

Barrhaven ward city council candidate Franklin Epape

Dear friend,

Barrhaven is one of the nicest places to live and to raise a family in Canada -- full of beauty, diversity, charm and opportunities for adventure. We have beautiful scenery in abundance, a lot of diversity, a warm and friendly people who love living and enjoying life to the fullest. We all cherish the diversity and commonality here, and for these reasons more than 45 000 of us have chosen to make Barrhaven our place to live and raise our children.

However, rapidly escalating population growth over the past few years and dangerously dilapidated infrastructure demand prompt and effective decisions to manage community challenges. For instance, we have sewer issues is many areas, pedestrians face life threatening challenges to use walking trails and bike paths nearby like the railway crossing. Enjoying the outdoors with family and those we love is also under serious threat. Our environment is becoming too unsafe and losing its charm. Our schools more than before have turned underproductive. The cost of living is rising and taxes keep increasing while developers rejoice at our expenses. All these factors are making our lives unreasonably and unbearably hard. Ultimately, we need a change before it's too late.

My name is Franklin Epapé and as you may know, I have been actively involved in creating positive changes within the community.  I’m a loving husband and father of three young children, and founder of  a health care co-operative. I'm running for city councillor for Barrhaven ward 3 and pleased at the possibility of serving you.

I believe there are workable solutions available that will help us reclaim dreams we once had for our ward. For this common endeavour to be a success, we need a strong and dedicated grassroots organization. There are already many people with me committed to work hard to design flyers and develop winning strategies in their respective domains and areas of interest and expertise. We will have an army of people engaged in knocking on doors, placing signs on yards at designated public places and participating in upcoming events. I believe you will step forward to join them since this is no longer the moment to be a bystander.

With numerous brochures to purchase, many yard signs to order, scores of social media and radio ads to place, and almost 27 sq. km to cover, your help is greatly needed.




October 22, 2018 - Barrhaven ward 3
Vote for a pathway to
a better community life

Population: 59,914 | Households: 21,995